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Hope everyone can make it friday! [15 Aug 2006|11:22pm]



new breakcore hub [20 Jul 2006|12:44pm]

yep. a new breakcore portal. like widerstand, only newer. this is the new main forum for seattle breakcore, so sign in bitchez. download releases. label owners can upload releases (this is a service for small netlabel owners).

a source for new releases and info from the new generation of harsh ala break pop records, pedophobic, brokecore recordings, dramacore, sickmode, and give daddy the knife. 60 releases catalogged already, fresh for download.



breakpop records first release out now! [20 Aug 2005|01:21pm]


BREAK POP RECORDS is proud to present our first release:

the breakpop records compilation! featuring some of the steez from:


breakpop is a indie label based outta the PNW and with artists from around the globe. breakpop is fighting the good fight against mainstream music with this 12 track 40 min showcasing the next generation of jungle/breakcore/idm and that mixed up randomness we all love. maybe you've heard of a few of these guys, but please give it a listen, and tell your friends! the independent underground music scene could not work without you!

tired of sucking, it's finally cool to be cool again!
available as a free download RIGHT HERE

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hello, requesting help from my fellow electronic artists... [01 Nov 2004|04:27am]

...and to be very honest right from the start, I'm not that skilled. I posted in here a long time ago back with something I was making from vocal samples...now I am glad to say first of all, I have significantly improved since then. actually, I think I may have begun writing something which is a little bit nearer...let's say...acceptable sound quality. now I don't have the best judgement for this, and I would really love the opinion of other people...especially doing and listening to the stuff I'm trying to be a little bit like. so here it goes...

rawk - this is the main thing...I really was surprised when I first started writing this, because well...it sounded so much better than anything else I've written. I mean with all my own samples, all done digitally, that kind of thing. I make samples just really...fooling around in cooledit, that's how I got all those sounds, more or less (they're all from sinewaves mostly, I think - I don't know how the hell I got some of them, but I think I've gotten better in understanding how to make samples). how do people here make effective samples? I'm still very amateur...in fact, I was only able to make two digital samples, both which were both kind of a flurry of notes...I just tried to compose with those limitations. I still have no real good bass samples though, I would love to find out more about how to make effective ones...in case you're wondering, this is all programmed into reason. does anybody else use a method similar to this?

glitch - this one I think might piss a more people off. the drums at the beginning are intentionally arhythmical - I did it with the intention of adding to the quality of the song. it's kind of messy, but I kind of like it. I'm really worried about the drum samples actually, I feel like I need samples that kick more...especially the snare. I like the current one, with it's kind of weird metallic sound (not the really metallic sounding one, the one that sounds like like rapping a metal sheet), but it doesn't seem to have enough of a kick to it. I also noticed the problem especially recently, that my bass drum samples suck. I want at least several bass drum samples that really, really kick...you know, from the really typical techno bass drums, to the download's stanley pain kind of really kicking heavy drum. I really would love advice and some really constructive critism...I really want to learn more.

shopping bag song - this was actually a couple months ago, but I like it a lot so far. it was the same idea as that vocal sample one I posted a long time ago...but I think this one's a lot better. the number of people who've reacted well to this one is SIGNIFICANTLY higher, apparently I've improved a lot when I started with this one. as said, all the samples are made from a shopping bag - I kind of cheated on the metallic melody sound, because I think I used convolution and got that really not-sounding-like-the-original-sample sound, but it's cool. I got the high-hat from some kind of heavy reverb, that when pitchshifted sounds like that. got knows how I got that weird airy melodic sample at the disco-like part. most of the samples haven't been edited at all - I did use a bit of equalizing in order to make the bass drum sound heavier though.
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[10.20.04]Safari Jungle Monthly Quentin J Ol cyrus and The Dowlz FREE [20 Oct 2004|10:13am]

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[17 Oct 2004|05:20pm]

woah! Ive totally forgotten about livejournal... would somebody out there be willing to modulate this community?


Tonight's Schedule @Decibel Fest Seattle [24 Sep 2004|12:50pm]


Great night of events. *Note after 10:30 the Lower Level is FREE


DASE: Distributed Audio Sequencer. [27 Jul 2004|12:38am]

This is great. I posted a link to something similar but this looks more hopeful.

DASE is a computer program that allows you to make music using your computer. Using DASE you can make music on your own, but it is much more fun to play together, or jam, with other people by connecting your computers together. This may be a friend sitting next to you, or someone in Russia connected to you through the internet

This looks promising.

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music lover seeking advice.. [31 May 2004|09:10pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I have been following this community for some time now and I am thinking of taking it up as a hobby. laptop battling, not the community. any tips on how to get basic practice or good places for beginners. btw I am in seattle area if it makes a diffrence. thansk for reading, at the least.

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Peersynth [19 May 2004|09:27pm]

[ mood | amused ]

This looks promising!

I would like to point people's attention to Peersynth


If it is possible to make virtual war by multi-player games it should be possible (and of course much more creative) to produce virtual music by a multi-user instrument. And: If it is possible to share files thru a p2p network it should be possible to share live played musical gestures in the same way.

Downloaded it today it's rather simple but if you have other programs or outboard gear you could have alot of fun.

I'm looking for people to jam with.

x-posted everywhere.


Tonight: 5.19.04 In the Jungle with the Rat City Roller Girls [19 May 2004|10:16am]

Safari Jungle Monthly @ Des Amis Tremor UK and Zacharia 360bpm

Safari @ Des Amis
1013 E Pike (cap hill)
$3 9pm - 1am 21+ free b4 10pm

Tonight: The Rat City Roller Girls are coming in for a surprise visit...
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Safari focusses on the deeper side of dnb - Ragga - Old Skool - Atmospherics - Neurofunk


Laptop Battle West Coast Regionals tour blog [26 Apr 2004|07:53pm]

Laptop Battle West Coast Regionals tour blog


SF CHAMP! [26 Apr 2004|07:48pm]


Twittering Machine


head to head musical combat [18 Apr 2004|11:20am]

SF Laptop Battle TONIGHT.

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[4.07] Safari Jungle Monthly: Seattle Sounds Good! [06 Apr 2004|10:29am]

Wed April 7, 2004
Safari @ Des Amis 1013 E PIKE (cap hill)
21+ $3 FREE B4 10pm 9pm - 1

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